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пятница, 19 марта 2010 г.

Герои Бреста - фильм 1957г

Newsreel, 1944:
Soviet Army soldiers are in Brest.
The gates of the Brest Fortress enter part of the Soviet Army.
A ruined castle.
Have graves in 1941, defenders of the Brest Fortress are warriors.
Destroyed buildings.
The inscriptions on the walls, made by the defenders of the fortress.
[_] The Moscow street riding machine with the defense of the Brest Fortress, arrived in Moscow, where he observed the fifteenth anniversary of Defense of Brest.
Multrabota: Map of the Brest Fortress.
Newsreel, 1941:
The bombing of the fortress on June 22.
Images from the film "Immortal garrison.
[_] Gala evening in the CDSA in honor of the fifteenth anniversary of the Brest Fortress.
Speaker mining engineer Samvel Matevosyan, former Komsomol Regiment, who led fighters in the first counterattack.
In the hall fighting friends Matevosian - Peter Klypa - turner from Bryansk, Aleksandr Semenenko - chauffeur from Nikolaev, Anatoly Vinogradov - blacksmith from Vologda, a retired Peter Gavrilov from Krasnodar.
Members of the Brest Fortress Defense in the ruins.
Newsreel, 1941:
flying German aircraft.
Fighters defending the fortress.

Newsreel, 1941:
Defense of the fortress.
Women to leave the castle.
The men were crawling over the water.
[_] Peter Klypa, who participated in the defense of Brest fourteen teenager.
By Peter Klypa (synchronously).
The inscriptions on the walls of the fortress.
Photo Major Peter Gavrilova - one of the last defenders of the fortress.
In Brest at the meeting in favor Peter Gavrilov.
Pioneers of the participants presented with flowers Defense of Brest.
At a rally in favor Raisa Abakumov - voenfeldsher fortress.
The writer Smirnov and employee of the museum of the Soviet Army Nikonov working to restore the heroic history of the Brest Fortress.
The relics brought from the Brest Fortress.
One of the leaders of Brest Defense Lieutenant Anatoly Vinogradov - blacksmith one of the enterprises of Vologda in the shop of the plant.
Hero Brest Mark Piskun - collective farm chairman, the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR among farmers, in the family.
Hero of the Soviet Union's major stock Gavrilov in the family by vineyards.
Samvel Matevosyan in the office of Minister of Geology and Mineral Protection Antropov.
Books about the Brest Fortress.
Pioneers in the Brest Fortress
Film Heroes of the City of Brest (1957)

2 r.00:20:3535 mmBlack and white

ProducerCSDF (RCSDF)

Director:Derbysheva L.
Camera-man:Kiselev S., Opryshko P., Puzhevich V., Schekutev A., Serov G.
Text writer:Gorelik I.
Announcer:Khmara L.

About the heroic defense of the Brest Fortress in the beginning of the Great Patriotic War (Soviet Peoples’ participation in World War II in 1941-1945).

Film about the defenders of the Brest Fortress. The inscriptions on the walls of the Brest Fortress, the participants reached the fortress of Defense in July 1941. Newsreel. Nazi planes fly. Soviet fighters shot from guns. Summer of 1944. Soviet Army soldiers are in Brest. A ruined castle. The men at the grave who died defending the Brest Fortress. Images from the feature film "Immortal garrison. City of Moscow. Central House of the Soviet Army. Gala night on the 15 th anniversary of Brest Fortress. Say (synchronously), the participants of Defense, Matevossian, P. Klypa. Defenders of the fortress Gavrilov, A. Vinogradov, A. Semenenko, P. Klypa, S. Matevossyan the walls of the Brest Fortress, laying flowers at the foot of the fortress. Heroes defense fortress Gavrilov Piskun among members of his family home. Writer Smirnov, written a book about the history of the Brest Fortress, in the Central Museum of the Soviet Army is studying the documents of the Second World War.


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