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вторник, 9 марта 2010 г.

Штурм цитадели Бреста в июне 1941-го. Эпизод из Ди Дойче Вохеншау от 2 июля 1941. Die Deutsche Wochenschau No. 565. July 2, 1941.

Штурм цитадели Бреста в июне 1941-го.Эпизод из "Ди Дойче Вохеншау" №565, от 2 июля 1941.

Die Deutsche Wochenschau No. 565. July 2, 1941. The battle for the citadel of Brest-Litovsk. The strongly fortified Soviet fortress lay directly on the border of the General-Gouvernement (German-occupied Poland). An artillery barrage in the early morning hours of June 22 opened the battle for this bastion, which is bitterly defended by the Soviets.The infantry go forth.The defenders of the fortress give themselves up. The way into Brest-Litovsk is open. Wounded Soviet troops. Forward march! In the inner courtyard of the citadel, new defensive positions have been established, which must be overcome. Remains of a difficult battle. Prisoners.A wild mixture of peoples, the primitive and dull-witted mass-work instruments of the Soviets. In general, five days has been sufficient, to show the German soldiers a picture of the Soviet paradise.The city of hall of Brest Litovsk in German hands. Already the inhabitants are returning to their homes.


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